Bison vs. Cobbers


This gentleman was taken aback by the bluntness of the question of whether or not he exceeded the age of 40.  

A former Concordia Cobber by trade, Paul Wraalstad now works for NDSU as the Director of Operations in the Memorial Union.

After working for Concordia for over 10 years as the Director of Student Programming, this Norwegian decided to grow hooves and loose the husk with the new challenges that would come from trading campuses.

ProfileWhen asked what his favorite thing about working at NDSU, his response, “seeing all the great events put on by students.”

He said that events are a large enhancement to the college experience, and that the Memorial Union functions very differently then Concordia’s did in that way.

Some of his responsibilities at NDSU include making sure everything is prepared and ready for events. He makes sure the set up of tables, chairs and podiums are exactly the way they need to be.

One of his favorite events to tailor for is the Fashion and Design FABO event, because he enjoys seeing the students work.

Wraalstad said he did not always know he was going to be a Director for event set up, when he started in college he wanted to be a music teacher, but shortly switched to psychology.

What he currently does wasn’t  “ever on the list of things that came up on my career profile,” he said. But he enjoys the fact that he aides in helping students understand how great the programs at NDSU are.

He said that NDSU is a really cool place for the students if they take advantage of it.

Paul Wraalstad is 43 years of age, and has not lost any of his zeal for making students college experience stand out.

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