Engagement Photos

With engagement photos, or photos for invitations to a wedding; you have to be fun, quirky and interesting. More often then not the biggest push is for creativity. This can come from the people taking the photo, or the people on the other end of the glass!

Either way as the consultant, you need to be attentive to the clientele and their needs and wants. Be respectful because this event is a precursor to an even greater event. Just because it is not the wedding photo shoot does not mean any less immaculate of a job can be accepted. The engagement photo shoot will more then likely earn the wedding photo shoot, either now or in the future.

In the world of event photography, rapport cannot overstate its importance. As a starving photographer, you need all the “street cred” you can get. The more credible you are as a photographer, the easier and more natural the photographs will turn out. In all circumstances the goal is to make the couple act as natural as possible. If the two subjects are tense because they are uncomfortable; it will show. Keeping the subjects relaxed and even laughing helps keep the mood light.

Be as innovative as possible, research other professional photographers and what they have done in the past for engagement shoots, and then make it your own. Tweak it in a manner that still has your dominant voice coming through the photo.

The biggest hint I can give you as a photographer would be: have fun, because if you are having fun and getting excited about the photo shoot; they will have fun and get excited about the photos as well!

In the end throw something crazy in the mix just so they will never forget you as their photographer. For myself I would ask if we could pray over the shoot beforehand, and then ask if we can pray over their marriage after hand!


If you know me… that is not even the crazy part. Just having me around for over two hours will drive you mad!

Now that is taking static service, and turning it into dynamic interactions!


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